OXIA Initiative was founded to help drive the financial industry's transition to a greener economy

Our Mission: 

To transform the financial private sector by innovation in designing tools and methodologies for measurement and transparency of carbon impacts in synergy with investors, investees, and governments.

Our Vision: 

A world in which Impact Investing, thanks to positively conscious investors, is the foundation of a regenerative economy, redesigned for the benefit of our planet and its current and future inhabitants.

Our Values: 


At OXIA, we strive to:

Meeting Between Colleagues
Develop strategies

to decarbonize our ecosystem by measuring, communicating, and considering environmental impacts and related economic risks

Meet Our Team


Emmanuelle Tavernier

Chief Executive Officer, Impact Catlyst

"We have an innate connection with nature, it's in our genes! Let's restore the value of nature, let's put it back at the center of our daily lives and our economy. Let's mimic its incredible ecosystem capabilities to work synergistically towards a peaceful relationship with nature."

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Our Partners

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