Avoided EMissions Report

To provide an assessment of a green solution, project, or initiative

ISO 14064-2 compliant
Project Life Cycle Analysis (LCA)
Process tree & baseline scenario analysis
Baseline vs project GHG Sources Sinks & Reservoirs
Report scoring process ensures highly reliable results
Projection of project’s GHG impact
Powered by the most recent emission factor databases
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Methodology Overview

Source: GHG Protocol Initiative
Source:GHG Protocol Initiative
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1. Defining a baseline scenario:

Hypothetical reference case that best represents the conditions most likely to exist in the absence of the solution
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2. Defining a functional unit:

Reference unit of the common function of both scenarios

3. Identifying all relevant emission sources for both scenarios:

Identification of all emissions sources required to fulfill the functional unit

4. Quantifying GHG emissions: ‍

Quantifying GHG emissions of all SSRs that are included in the analysis, using:
• Activity data from companies
• Reliable and accurate emissions factors and data from our life cycle inventory database and the literature
OXIA Initiative avoided emissions report

Our Avoided Emissions Report include

Context of the study
Identification and description of SSRs involved
Overview of company and solution
Results per functional unit and forecasted impact
Methodological elements
Uncertainty and reliability assessment
Uncertainty and reliability assessment
Data used and details of calculations


You can no longer say you are doing well, without backing it up and being accountable!

Here's what our Clients say

“We've certainly appreciated Oxia's report and it has helped us both with prospective clients and investors.”
Amanda Truscott Co-founder and CEO Rithmik Solutions
Amanda Truscott
Co-Founder and CEO Rithmik Solutions
“We are very excited to use these reports to work further on reducing our company’s carbon footprint and increasing our products avoided emissions. We are also excited to better communicate this important work to all of our stakeholders.”
Joshua CEO - Mysst
Joshua Green
CEO - Mysa

You can no longer say you are doing well,
without backing it up and being accountable!

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